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10 Must Haves For New Owners

Tale of a Failed Holiday Shoot – Second Edition

Last year, I had brilliant plans for a beautiful holiday photoshoot with Ink and Dreamer. I spent all morning creating props, putting together a backdrop, and prepping my camera. Alas, as you see in that post, the photos were less than pleasing and had very little holiday spirit to them. This year, however, things were…

10 Reasons Your Glider Is Biting & Prevention

Sugar gliders bite for a multitude of reasons and sometimes it is impossible to figure out the root cause. However, here are ten reasons why your gliders may be biting. 1 – You Scare Me This type of biting is most common when you first get your glider. They don’t know that you’re a friend…

6 Things a Good Vet Won’t Do

Every sugar glider owner knows that they should have a good veterinarian before an emergency arises. But finding a good vet can be a challenge. Unfortunately, there are many vets who have old information regarding gliders or don’t understand what gliders actually need. It can be frustrating to have a vet give you bad advice…

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