Sugar Gliders & Anxiety

Some animals can be wonderful supports for people who deal with depression, anxiety and other mental illness. Today we’ll be delving into the question of whether or not sugar gliders are good pets for people with anxiety. The Pros Because sugar gliders sleep all day, you can carry them around in their bonding pouch. Having … Continue reading Sugar Gliders & Anxiety

I Messed Up: How I Ruined A Diet and the Consequences It Had

Diet is by far one of the most controversial topics in sugar glider ownership. While every good owner agrees that having a staple diet is essential, there are quite a few different staple diets to choose from. Everyone has their own opinions, beliefs and evidence to support their diet. This article is purely my experience. … Continue reading I Messed Up: How I Ruined A Diet and the Consequences It Had

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes I ask myself, “Is it worth it to have sugar gliders?” There are a lot of reasons why someone wouldn’t like to have a glider as a pet. They’re nocturnal, they require a lot of time and space, they need vigilant owners to be able to catch early signs of sickness, they have to … Continue reading Is It Worth It?