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10 Must Haves For New Owners

4 Gliders In A Trashcan + Dollar Treasures

Despite the rather omminous title, no gliders were thrown away or damaged. A few days ago, Daddy woke up to find that all four of my glider had stuffed themselves into their one trashcan toy.  😂 How two adults and two large joeys managed to squeeze themselves in that I have no clue! But man,…

Arrival In Utah: Day 3 Cross-State Move

After leaving the airbnb bright and early (for us) at 11 AM, we drove a few minutes…and then stopped. Imagine my happiness melting away into frustrating and deep boredom. Here we were, imaging that, since we only had a 7 hour drive, we would be in plenty early before the gliders woke up and we…

Broken Vans & The Never-Ending Barker: Day 2 Cross-State Move

After spending a few lovely days at my grandparents house eating wonderful food, visiting and celebrating my graduation, we packed up the pets and hit the road again. We only had 10 hours to drive that day. We left around 11:30. The gliders were in their pouches after having spent happy days in their cages,…

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