Traveling With Sugar Gliders

8 thoughts on “Traveling With Sugar Gliders”

  1. This was really informative! I’ll keep this in mind if I ever get “suggies” as you call them. XD Problem is I’m pretty allergic to animals so I’ll probably either get a mini rex rabbit (Most hypoallergenic animal I’d be allowed to get even as an adult XD) or convince my mom that a mouse would be cute. Or tarantula… XD XD I probably will have a bunny. XD

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    1. Sugar gliders aren’t hypoallergenic, but they’re super good for allergies because they don’t shed at all and they don’t require any bedding like pine or wood things that cause sickness. XD That was one of the reasons we got them ’cause my brothers have terrrrible allergies.
      Bunnies are ADORABLE!!! I almost got a Netherland dwarf rabbit. *heart eyes* The mini rex are SOOO CUTE!
      Oooh a mouse or a tarantula…..cute in their own unique ways….


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