Inexpensive Toy Ideas

Toys that are marketed to sugar glider owners are INSAINLY expensive for what they are. Because sugar gliders are an exotic pet, people price the toys incredibly high. What’s sad about it is that half of the things that are sold as “safe for a sugar glider” really aren’t. Anything that has strings, many metal toys, anything with small parts…NOT SAFE. Leashes and diapers are also not safe as they can harm the patagium (their gliding skin).

If you’re looking for cheap, safe toy ideas look no farther! I’ve put together a list of fifteen easy things that your gliders will love that are all under $15.

Baby Balls

The balls that I got aren’t currently available. However, these look quite similar. You can get a pack of 50 for $11.99.

My gliders have a blast chewing them to pieces. After a while, you’ll have to throw them away as they get too chewed to be useful anymore. They are easy to wash and come in a variety of colors.

Fleece Ropes

You can spend a fortune on these or you can make them yourself. Simply buy some anti-pill fleece from your local craft store (Hobby Lobby sells it for $10.99 per yard) and then cut strips and braid them. Attach them to your cage using c-links (Amazon sells 200 for $9.99). I will be doing a tutorial on how to make these soon, so stay tuned!

Baby Toys

Sugar gliders love to make noise. Baby rattles and other random baby toys are great. Just be sure that they don’t have gel inside (such as in a teething toy) because gliders have very sharp teeth and can chew through the plastic.

Stack Up Cups $3.99

Rattles $4.99

Shaker Rattle Toy $3.59

And another rattle $2.88


Who knew everyday objects such as straws could be so much fun? Fill them with yogurt and honey and then freeze them until you’re ready to use. The gliders will have a blast trying to get the treats out. It’s a great foraging toy. You can get a pack from the Dollar Store for $1.

Easter Eggs and Tooth Brush Covers

Yep! Fill plastic Easter eggs (100 off of Amazon for $12.99) or tooth brush covers (Amazon sells them for $10 for 20, which is a little pricey) with some fleece and a treat. Your gliders will love trying to get the treats out. This is another great foraging toy.

Cat Toys

You have to be careful with this one. The bacteria in cat saliva is toxic to sugar gliders, so obviously buy any cat toys new. You also have to avoid anything with catnip. Catnip is dangerous for sugar gliders.

Lattice Balls $5.90

Plastic Springs $6.99

Cat Treat Feeder $11.99


Be sure to buy feathers that are not dyed or colored. ($7.99)


Marbles are great to add to a foraging box or ball pit. Most craft stores sell them. You can get a bag of 25 from Hobby Lobby for $1.29.


A lot of people use those colored pompoms that you can get from the Dollar Store for $1. I prefer not to use them because of the dyes and I’d be afraid that my gliders would shred them and inhale the pieces. Instead, I make my own pompoms out of leftover pieces of fleece. These are super easy to make.

Small Plastic Toys

If you have little kids or young siblings, you’re bound to have little plastic toys lying around. These are perfect. Just be sure that they don’t have small moving parts or anything that could be a hazard to a glider. You can also go to the Dollar Store and find toys there. Mama bought me an AWESOME little plastic tea set from there. The cups and tea pot are great for foraging toys. The rest of it goes in my “ball pit”.

Ball Pit

I wanted one of these forever. You can buy them premade off of Etsy, but that costs a lot. Why not make your own? I used a plastic rubber maid container (you can get a three pack off of Amazon for $7.99 if you don’t have any lying around). I filled it with my fleece pompoms, the plastic balls I got, marbles, random plastic toys, straws, and other foraging toys. I hide treats inside and the gliders love searching for them through all of the other stuff.

Disposable Plastic Cups

You can get a pack of these for a dollar at the Dollar Store. There are endless possibilities with these! If you cut them, be sure that there are no sharp edges or anything that could cut/pinch/trap your glider.

Milk Caps and Rings

You know those little plastic safety rings that are on your milk cartons? Well, sugar gliders LOVE them. Mine will carry them to their nest – just like they do with their most beloved toys. Just be sure to cut a slit in the side so that they don’t get their heads or bodies stuck. You can also drill a hole in the milk caps and string them together (with a piece of fleece) to make a hanging toy.


You can build floor toys with the large children’s legos (NOT the tiny ones!). You have to be careful with them, as with everything, but these are pretty safe. These cost more, but once you have them they will last forever. You can get them here for $14.08.

Plastic Doll Houses

You can get those plastic doll houses and children’s toys super cheap from garage sales. Sugar gliders have a blast crawling in and out of these! You have to be careful that they do not endanger the glider in any way (no moving parts, small opening or choking hazards – remove all stickers and wash with hot water and vinegar before allowing gliders to play)

This is an awesome video to watch when searching for sugar glider toys.


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  1. Jehosheba Providence
    January 9, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    Oh, great ideas! I loved this! It’s so cool that you make most of their toys!

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