Goodbye Laelynn & Star Rain {+ photo shoot}

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Laelynn & Star Rain {+ photo shoot}”

  1. Amazing pictures! They look so tame. You did an amazing job taming those little creatures! You can see how they love you. So happy you found a loving home for them!

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  2. My family and I are the ones who now get to love and care for these sweet babies, and we are just so incredibly happy to have them! Like danreschly said in another comment, you did an amazing job taming them! We’re first time sugar glider owners, but have been doing lots and lots of reading, watching, and research in preparation and from what we’ve read there are people who own them for years and never get to do what we get to do with these girls already after only a couple days.

    They don’t seem to be scared of us at all and only crab if we bother them too much while they’re sleeping and they’ll eat out of our hands and let us pick them up and climb all over the place. We’ve never had them lunge at us or bite so far and I’m just amazed at how tame and sweet they are! They’ve been sleeping on me in a pouch all day while I work and it’s just so special!

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    1. I’m soo glad that they went to you guys! You have done a wonderful job preparing, researching and now taking care of the babies! I am soo glad that they are warming up to you so well! It’s so wonderful to hear that they are letting up pick them up and eating out of your hand (and not biting!). Aw, that’s so sweet – how they sleep on you while you are working! 😍
      Thank you guys again!

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