Why I Chose An E-Jacket Over An E-Cone

I love research. So when I was about to have Ink neutered, I went on a research spree. I spent hours reading old threads on glider forums, watching videos and finding as much information as I could on the process and the recovery.

One of the first things that I found was how important it is to have an e-cone to prevent self mutilation of the surgical area. So, of course, I started researching e-cones. I found lots of good things about them, but I also found that they could cause death in some gliders. Some sugar gliders could not have the e-cone on their necks and it caused their hearts to stop. That worried me very much because I believe in Murphy’s rather pessimistic law – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

I started trying to find alternatives to the e-cone. It was then that I came across e-jackets! These are like tiny straight jackets for sugar gliders. 😄 They make it so that the glider cannot bend and reach their wound and SM.

I was very excited to find the e-jackets and I bought one. You can buy them from  Denise Rainwater for a very reasonable price.

The e-jacket allowed Ink to move with much more ease than a e-cone. It allowed him to run on the wheel and it didn’t distress him so much because he didn’t have a giant thing around his head. He was also able to eat and drink from the normal dishes. He looked so adorable waddling around in it! He could climb and hang by his legs like normal. He couldn’t glide, obviously, and he couldn’t fit in all of the tiny places that he loved, but it worked very well for him. It allowed Dreamer to get close to him and keep him warm without the intrusion of the plastic cone.

I would recommend learning to put on the e-jacket BEFORE your emergency (or neutering) has happened. I didn’t do this and I quickly regretted it. Ink had been through surgery, had been separated from Dreamer for hours and just wanted to get back into the pouch and sleep. But I had to take off the e-cone (that the vet had put on) and attempt to put on the e-jacket – something that I had no clue how to do. The first few times were a disaster. He slipped out of the jacket as soon as I put it on. My baby actually bit me – something that he never does. We were both so frustrated that I just put the cone back on and let him sleep. I tried again later and it took me a lot more tries before I was able to get the jacket on tight enough that he wouldn’t slip out.

Ink wasn’t pleased about the jacket, but he fought it so much less than the cone. It was so much more natural for him. I am very glad that I have the jacket and I will always choose it over the cone!


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