Vanilla & Cardamom

I can’t believe how big the joeys are getting! They are just over nine weeks old. It has been so much fun to watch their personalities shine through.

Vanilla is an explorer like her mama Dreamer. She doesn’t hesitate to check out new places and toys. She has a very sweet personality and as soon as I open the cage doors, she is on my hand and crawling up my arm. She is fearless, bright and very loyal.

Cardamom is much more laid back and cautious. He enjoys new things – but only if someone else has tested them first. He’s always following Vanilla around, wresting with her and grooming her. He loves running on the wheel or clinging to the outside of it while Dreamer runs.

The other joeys that I raised were amazing. I loved them so much. But Vanilla and Cardamom have even sweeter, gentler personalities than the others. They are both so sweet and kind and they have big hearts. Both come to me without hesitation. I want to instill in them a deep trust for humans. I believe that it helps a lot that Ink and Dreamer are so bonded to me. The joeys follow their parents example. Ink and Dreamer showed them that humans are good and kind and that they can be trusted.

I attempted to do another photoshoot with the babies today. Neither of them were very happy about being woken up and forced to stand on a piece of cloth in the middle of a bright day. 😆 I snapped whatever pictures I could. This only shows a fraction of their adorable cuteness!


She was not in the mood for pictures and didn’t let me take very many.


Little boy did much better when it came to standing still for the pictures. I wrapped him in a little fleece square at the beginning to comfort him and he loved that. He is so adorable peaking out from under it!

~Hattush Reschly

  One thought on “Vanilla & Cardamom

  1. September 8, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    Awwwww, they’re so adorable! I can’t believe how big they’re getting 😪😭

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