Arrival In Utah: Day 3 Cross-State Move

After leaving the airbnb bright and early (for us) at 11 AM, we drove a few minutes…and then stopped. Imagine my happiness melting away into frustrating and deep boredom. Here we were, imaging that, since we only had a 7 hour drive, we would be in plenty early before the gliders woke up and we could relax at the airbnb without getting in after midnight. But all of my hopes were dashed as we pulled into the playground parking lot and my parents proceeded to have an extreemly long discussion while my siblings ran for the play equipment.

When I saw Yoveil heading towards the slide, I knew that we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We got lunch at Panera and continued the discussion. Thanks to our mortage guy, we weren’t sure that we would even be able to close on the house. We were trying to figure out what to do and how to proceed.

We finally got on the road around 3:00 and started what was supposed to be a seven hour drive. Inevitably, it ended up being a couple hours longer. šŸ˜ The gliders and I were not happy.

We arrived at the airbnb Condo around 11:40. The gliders were all very anxious to get out. They were biting at the bonding pouches and making noise and making me feel like a terrible owner.

We made our way to our condo and realized, with much exhaustion, that it was up three flights of stairs. Carrying the big glider cage up those stairs at midnight while my babies were trying to bite me through the bag was not my idea of fun…or anything remotely related to fun.

To add to my sleep-deprived, unhappy state, somehow much of the gliders fruits and vegetables had managed to spill out and were lost to me. It was enough left to get through the night, but that was all. The staple part of the diet was also more than halfway gone and I wouldn’t be able to make more until we got to our new house and unpacked the Wanaborro powder. And who knew when that would happen thanks to our mortgage guy.

But we made it. We got the cages up the stairs. I fed and watered the gliders and they were very pleased to be out in their cages.

And, as sleep deprived, exhausted little me lay on my (extremely comfortable) bed, I looked out of the window and forced myself to think of the good in the day. Once I got started, I saw that it really wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

Despite the late start, we made it before 4 AM. The gliders were all okay – no one was dehydrated and Dreamer was actually looking better than at GA. She had been sleeping alone for the past week or two and that had allowed the bald spot (caused by Ink) to start to recover.

The gliders had honey water. We had made it to Utah. We were all safe and in a comfortable shelter. We’d figure everything out.

I looked out of the window one more time and saw the twinkling lights below me, spread out against the blackness. It was beautiful.


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