Easy Dehydrated Orange Peel Tutorial (Great Source of Calcium)

When I took Dreamer to the vet a few weeks ago, the vet was concerned that she was lacking calcium. This is a big problem among gliders.

I did a bunch of reseach on the highest calcium foods. Gliders can’t have much dairy, so I was searching for other options. I will do a whole different post on what I found. But one of the high calcium foods is citrus peel.

Gliders shouldn’t be given a lot of citrus in general because it is very acidic and can give them upset stomachs and diahriah. Oranges were the one thing that helped Dreamer when she was really constupated.

But I’m off subject.

Lemon peel ratio: 11.1:1

Lime peel: 4.5:1

Orange peel: 7.6:1

I chose orange peel and got a nice orange and washed it very thoroughly with hot water and soap.

Then I set the oven to 100 degrees. While it was heating, I peeled the orange.

Then I cut the peel into small strips. I saved the rest of the orange and froze it for occasional treats or as a un-constupator. 😂

I arranged the peel in a pan. The important thing is that they don’t overlap each other.

I put them into the oven. Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of how long they were in there. 😐😂 I checked them frequently. Since they were in such small pieces and since they didn’t have a lot of moisture, they dried out quite quickly. I would say half an hour or 45 minutes.

I took them out of the oven and let them cool and then I transfered them to a container.

My gliders weren’t terribly keen on trying them, but I hope to convince them to eat them. 🤣 If not, they absolutely love fresh orange peel.

And that’s it! Drying orange peel is so quick, easy and simple. Plus the whole process smells amazing!


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  One thought on “Easy Dehydrated Orange Peel Tutorial (Great Source of Calcium)

  1. November 1, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    Great job on the photography for these, Hattush!! The pictures were very well done. 😀

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