Tale of a Failed Holiday Shoot – Second Edition

Last year, I had brilliant plans for a beautiful holiday photoshoot with Ink and Dreamer. I spent all morning creating props, putting together a backdrop, and prepping my camera. Alas, as you see in that post, the photos were less than pleasing and had very little holiday spirit to them.

This year, however, things were going to be different. I had wonderful ideas of a winter wonderland theme with lots of white lights, fake cream trees, and fluffy artificial snow. I spent a while online searching for props to purchase. I quickly realized that all the good ones were far out of my price range and I couldn’t justify spending money on something I’d only use once a year.

So I thought, why not just use the white lights that we already have? It’d be simple and it could make gorgeous photos. I set the lights up next to one of the windows and went to find Ink and Cardamom. They’re both calm gliders and do best with the photoshoots.

After scattering treats upon the surface, I put little Ink in the midst of the glowing lights.

Needless to say, he was none too pleased. I took him from his warm bed and woke him in the middle of his night only to force him to stand in the middle of scary bright lights while a huge eye blinked furiously at him.

Yeah, I’m a terrible owner.

He did fairly well, other than quaking in his little boot-less feet. I snapped about fifty pictures in the extremely lengthy two minutes that he was exposed to the bright and harsh outside world.

He was returned to the bonding pouch and a shower of mini yogurt drops rained down upon his white little head.

Next came Cardy. He was even less obliging to my photo ambitions than his father. All around him lights were standing like tiny monsters, glaring at him, laughing at him and he wanted out now. After he grabbed one of the yoggies in his mouth, he was ready to dash anywhere to get away from the lights and the blinking red eye.

I carried both boys back to their sleeping pouch (where they both glared at me before snuggling in with the girls). Then I sat down upon my bed, eager to see the results of three minutes’ worth of hard, sweaty labor in which I twisted into impossible positions to catch the cuteness of the babies.

The photos were rather disappointing in that most were at weird angles or the gliders were blinking or important parts of their bodies had been ruthlessly chopped from the frame. But I shrugged and went to load them onto the computer. After all, there were still several great ones.

The photos loaded and I slumped back into the leather chair.


All the ones that had looked so brilliant on the small screen of my camera looked completely awful blown up on the desktop screen. In most of them, the focus was completely off. Where I had imagined it was on the eye, it was really on the stomach and the picture was completely awful.

After salvaging the handful of remaining photos, I sat back to survey them. Click, click, click went my little mouse and sink, sink, sink went my little heart.

My mind had envisioned photos full of beautiful white lights. These sadly lacked the bright, festive feel because alas the lights were lacking pitifully, harboring upon the edges of the photos while my gliders trembled in terror of them.

So much for a festive photoshoot with lots of holiday spirit for both woman and glider.

I’m sure you are all dying to see these photos now, so without further ado, I present to you the not-festive-festive photo-shoot.



There you go. Happy December everyone!


  One thought on “Tale of a Failed Holiday Shoot – Second Edition

  1. December 1, 2021 at 11:03 pm

    Awwwwwww, those pictures are definitely not as bad as you made them sound; they’re adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

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