Hattush’s journey with sugar gliders began early 2020 when she was searching for a hypoallergenic companion. She stumbled across gliders and fell in love with their adorableness.

A few weeks and frantic, frustating reseach later, Hattush welcomed two joeys into her life. She’s never looked back.

She has learned much through trial and error. Whether its breeding, joeys, cross-state moves, neutering, vet visits or reseach, Hattush seeks to learn as much as possible and then to share that knowledge with the world.

Hattush started An Inky Dream in July 2020 after being shocked by the lack of good information.

Hattush loves helping suggie slaves and is willing to mentor new owners. She is knowledgeable in bonding, in the basics of breeding and in cage set up. Email her if interested.


Inquisitive (nicknamed Ink) is Hattush’s leucistic male. He is curious, bright-eyed and loves to sit on her shoulder or hand. He is the most loyal and gentlest of gliders that Hattush haa met. His favorite toys are plastic baby balls or milk rings. His most beloved treats include dried papaya, yogurt drops and mealworms. He was part of Hattush’s original pair.


Dreamer is Hattush’s beautiful platinum colored mosaic (also known as Silver Mosaic) female. She loves climbing and will not hesitate to attempt to scale seemingly impossible barriers and boundaries. She is extremely fast, loves soft fleece and new toys. Dreamer was the second glider in H’s original pair.


Yiska is a stunning white faced blonde male. He is extremely shy and, despite being the largest of the gliders, he is very laid back and doesn’t assert himself at all. He loves dark places, soft bags and gnawing on eucalyptus – and just about anything else he can get his paws on!

Yiska and Ilona are rehomes that came to Hattush in April 2021.


Ilona is a curious, bright-eyed luecistic female. She has a fiery, domineering spirit and more curiosity than is good for her. She loves people and anything new. She is obsessed with foraging and following in Yiska’s chewing habits. 

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