Meet The Gliders

Many of you already know about my gliders, but I realized that I’ve never done an official post introducing you all to my babies. 😉 Today you’ll get to meet all four of them and hear a bit of the story behind them and their names. Ink and Dreamer are my first and original pair. … Continue reading Meet The Gliders

$1 Toy Haul

I’m back again with another Dollar Store haul! We went a couple weeks ago and I found some awesome stuff. If you’re looking for cheap toys that you’re gliders will love, the Dollar Store is one of the best places to look. Beads I got a pack of beads for Christmas and used them in … Continue reading $1 Toy Haul

Ilona & Yiska

Well, it happened! I am now the official owner/servant to two more gliders! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a young lady had decided to rehome her two gliders. I got in touch with her and we decided that I’d take them. So a week ago, I found myself in a crowded minivan with … Continue reading Ilona & Yiska

Sugar Gliders & Anxiety

Some animals can be wonderful supports for people who deal with depression, anxiety and other mental illness. Today we’ll be delving into the question of whether or not sugar gliders are good pets for people with anxiety. The Pros Because sugar gliders sleep all day, you can carry them around in their bonding pouch. Having … Continue reading Sugar Gliders & Anxiety

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes I ask myself, “Is it worth it to have sugar gliders?” There are a lot of reasons why someone wouldn’t like to have a glider as a pet. They’re nocturnal, they require a lot of time and space, they need vigilant owners to be able to catch early signs of sickness, they have to … Continue reading Is It Worth It?