What is a sugar glider?

Sugar gliders are tiny marsupials. Though they’re small, furry, long-tailed and adorable like rodents, they are actually apart of the possum family. They can glide, like flying squirrels.

They are originally from Australia, certain parts of Indonesia and New Guinea. They were first brought to the USA in 1990.

Can I just have one sugar glider?

No. Sugar gliders are colony animals and they MUST be kept in pairs. A lone sugar glider is prone to depression and self-mutilation.

What is the ideal age to get a sugar glider?

There’s a myth that you have to get joeys if you want them to bond with you. That isn’t true at all. Gliders at any age are capable of bonding tightly with their human friend. That said, never get a glider before they are at least eight weeks old. They are still dependent on their parents at that time.

How much do sugar gliders cost?

Cost varies a lot based on coloring, age, temperament, breeding rights and where you get your gliders. Expect to pay a minimum of $150 per glider.

How long does bonding take?

It can take anywhere from a few days to years. It all depends on the personality of your glider and your willingness to work hard at bonding. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Patience is your greatest ally.

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Are sugar gliders cuddly?

Each sugar glider has its own personality. However, most sugar gliders do not enjoy being held tightly or cuddled. They are not like a dog or a cat in that aspect.

What do sugar gliders eat?

Diet is one of the most controversial topics in the sugar glider world. One thing that every good owner agrees on is that they must have a staple diet. Never feed you glider a pellet only diet. The most common staple diets are BML, OHPW (not the HPW that Exotic Nutrition sells) and TPG.

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Why are staple diets important?

Staple diets insure that sugar gliders are receiving the correct amounts of nutrients. Gliders are especially prone to lack of calcium which can lead to HPL (hind leg paralysis) which can be fatal. You must have a good staple diet or your glider will be sick. Period.

Can sugar gliders have treats?

Yes! Like anything, moderation is key. However, the way to a glider’s heart is through its stomach. Here is a list of fun treats that you can give to your gliders.

How much space does a sugar glider need?

Even though sugar gliders are small, they need a lot of space. The minimum size requirements for a pair of sugar gliders is 24 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall. The bar spacing should be ½ inch or less. Height is more important than width. Large bird cages often work well.

Can I breed?

Yes and no. Breeding is not something to rush into. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. If you’re interested in breeding, get a pair of non-breeding sugar gliders first. Get used to them before going into breeding.

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What is lineage and why is it important?

Lineage is incredibly important if you choose to breed. You should never breed without it. It shows you how your gliders might be related, so that you can avoid inbreeding.

Are there safe sugar glider wheels?

Yes, there are. The most common are the Freedom Wheel and the Stealth Wheel. Never use a rodent wheel or any wheels that have center axles. If you use an unsafe wheel, your gliders can be fatally harmed. This is not something to compromise on.

What makes a toy unsafe for gliders?

Anything with string or twine. Never use that. Things made from that isn’t anti-pill fleece. Many metal items. Toys that have smallish holes that a glider could get stuck in. Be very careful when buying toys. Many things that are marketed as safe really are not.

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How much do sugar gliders weigh?

Each glider is different and the weight will vary between each one. Adult males should be around 100-160 grams. Adult females should be around 80-130 grams.

Do sugar gliders need vaccines?

No, sugar gliders don’t need vaccines and regular shots like other animals. However, you do need to have a good vet who specializes in exotic animals as they will get sick sooner or later.

Do their teeth need to be trimmed?

No! Sugar gliders teeth do not continually grow like rodents. Never ever let your vet trim or float their teeth.


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