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Vanilla & Cardamom

I can’t believe how big the joeys are getting! They are just over nine weeks old. It has been so much fun to watch their personalities shine through. Vanilla is an explorer like her mama Dreamer. She doesn’t hesitate to check out new places and toys. She has a very sweet personality and as soon as I open the cage…

Black And White Night Photography

Hey guys! Over the past little while, I’ve been collecting pictures that I’ve taken of my sugar gliders at night. They look much more “natural” when they’re not woken up during the middle of the day. XD ENJOY! There’s one of the babies riding on Ink’s back! ❤ I hope you guys enjoyed! Happy New Year everyone! ~Hattush

Joey Update

Hey friends! Welcome back to An Inky Dream. I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season. Today I am announcing the names of my newest joeys, as well as a general update on their health and developmental progress. Both of the babies are little girls. ❤ They officially came OOP (out of pouch) on December 1st, so they…